China AIDS Initiative Partners

The medical and societal barriers underlying China’s AIDS epidemic are too numerous and persistent for any single organization to overcome. CAI is an alliance of Chinese and international partners that share an overarching commitment to help China accelerate its response to HIV/AIDS, drawing on their complementary strengths. Together, CAI’s partners are scaling up programs to reach hundreds of millions of potential victims before the human and social costs become uncontainable.

China’s key public health agencies have embraced CAI’s ambitious vision and are working with CAI to build comprehensive HIV/AIDS health care systems in the affected provinces. At the national level, CAI is galvanizing China’s new leaders to move AIDS up the agenda, encouraging policy reform to reduce discrimination, developing information campaigns to educate vulnerable populations, and advocating greater public investment.

CAI’s unified approach to HIV/AIDS is a public-private partnership that leverages international best practice and its partners’ core competencies to expand prevention, testing, treatment and care to unprecedented levels in China. This integrated strategy will help CAI realize its objective of reducing forecast HIV infections five-fold by 2010.

International Partners
Chinese Partners
Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences/Peking Union Medical College
  William J. Clinton Presidential Foundation Tsinghua University
  The China AIDS Media Project Wuhan University
  Project HOPE The Bureaus of Health of Yunnan province
  Brookings Institution     The Bureaus of Health of Henan province
  Yale-China Association The Bureaus of Health of Hubei provinces
  A broad network of NGOs and other implementing partner Hong Kong AIDS Foundation

Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center

For more than a decade ADARC has been at the forefront of international AIDS research, with numerous investigative and clinical programs including several long-term collaborations with leading Chinese medical and education institutions.. CAI was formed by Dr. David Ho to help China launch decisive interventions against AIDS and to maximize the effectiveness of CAI partners’ strategies there. ADARC now provides overall leadership to CAI and strategic direction to the alliance members.

Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences/Peking Union Medical College
CAMS/PUMC, China’s leading center of medical education and research, provides critical support for China-based programs of CAI’s international and domestic partners. From its headquarters in Beijing, CAMS also coordinates CAI’s collaborations with official government agencies responsible for China’s response to HIV/AIDS.

William J. Clinton Presidential Foundation
President Clinton’s commitment to the fight against AIDS was extended to China when he launched CAI at the November 10, 2003 AIDS Summit hosted by Tsinghua University, CMAS/PUMC and ADARC. While in Beijing he also visited AIDS patients and met privately with Chinese leaders to stress the urgency of a robust government response. The Clinton Presidential Foundation is committed to helping China mobilize against HIV/AIDS and President Clinton has pledged his continuing personal support for CAI’s work.

Tsinghua University

Tsinghua’s Center for AIDS Policy Research is pioneering programs that examine societal drivers behind the epidemic in China and developing innovative intervention strategies. Tsinghua is organizing expert gatherings to build awareness among policymakers, journalists and other opinion-leaders, formulating legislative recommendations and media campaigns, and deploying its convening power, networks, and reputation as an honest broker to accelerate China’s national response.

The China AIDS Media Project
CAMP was founded in 2003 by Thomas Lennon and Ruby Yang to promote public education and understanding of AIDS to audiences within China as well as overseas. In partnership with the NBA and the China AIDS Initiative, Yang and Lennon wrote and edited a 2004 public service campaign featuring basketball stars Yao Ming and Magic Johnson. Current projects include training DVDs for AIDS workers in China, AIDS-related broadcasts on Chinese television as well as a feature-length documentary for international distribution.

Wuhan University
Wuhan University will leverage its standing as China's leading virology institute to deliver training for laboratory and clinical workers charged with HIV/AIDS testing and treatment under the CAI. The University will also provide expanded technical support to physicians and government officials responsible for AIDS programs in the central provinces.

Health Bureaus of Henan, Yunnan and Hubei Provinces

The forward battles in China’s war on HIV/AIDS are not fought in Beijing but in provinces and counties of central and south China, where authorities are overwhelmed by the crisis and often underequipped to respond. Insufficient training and inadequate public health infrastructure are constant obstacles. CAI is partnering with the health bureaus of Henan, Yunnan and Hubei – three of the most severely affected provinces – to establish widespread voluntary testing, counseling and clinical treatment programs that will dramatically augment the scale and effectiveness of the local response.

The Hong Kong AIDS Foundation
With the march of AIDS respecting no borders, HKAF initiated programs in China in the mid 1990s and to date has trained more than 4,000 Chinese AIDS workers, health professionals and officials. HKAF’s programs have increased local knowledge about HIV in numerous cities and built capacity in program planning, counseling and care and support. The benefits have been leveraged because many HKAF trainees have passed their new skills to other colleagues and organizations. Through its partnership with CAI, the Foundation will extend its interventions to new regions and target groups in China, focusing on bridging populations to help prevent the epidemic from breaking out of isolated rural areas into the general population.

Project HOPE
A global leader in HIV/AIDS professional training, Project HOPE is leading CAI’s physician training initiative by: developing standards of care for HIV/AIDS in China; delivering advanced provider training and consultation/referral systems at major tertiary care institutions; providing basic training for community medical providers in diagnosis and management of HIV-infection and concurrent illnesses; and designing, refurbishing and training regional laboratories and staff.

The Brookings Institution

Brookings is evaluating the economic costs of HIV/AIDS in China, modeling the social interactions underlying the disease contagion, analyzing costs incurred by previous lack of transparency about the disease, and forecasting gains that could be realized by increases in transparency going forward. These studies will help CAI and China design better preventive policies aimed not only at alleviating costs, but also identifying strategies for slowing transmission.

Yale-China Association
Drawing on a century of collaboration in China and with expertise from Yale University's Schools of Medicine, Nursing and Public Health, the Yale-China Association initiated an HIV/AIDS professional education program for Chinese health care workers in 1997. This program led to the development of a culturally-specific curriculum and a cadre of Chinese nurses who are skilled in HIV/AIDS clinical care, knowledgeable and compassionate about attendant social issues, and engaged in educating other health workers to the same level of proficiency. Through the CAI, Yale-China will extend these modules to tens of thousands of nurses, primary care providers, and community health workers in the affected provinces, and provide intensive follow-up to help meet the exponentially growing needs of HIV-positive patients and AIDS victims.

NGOs and implementing partners

A broad array of NGOs and affiliated groups has joined CAI to help implement cooperative programs among at-risk groups and victims in the affected provinces.


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